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Book cover - Dr Jim Brogden and
Professor Stephen Coleman

The piece on 'Capturing the Mood of Democracy: The British General Election 2019' will feature in the Yorkshire Post.

Sepia toned old analogue cathode ray tube TV set

New resource about women and men in British film and television production has been launched in partnership with Learning on Screen.

Radio mic in a recording booth

Congratulations to Sian Eleri (Broadcast Journalism 2017) who will host the Chillest Show on R1 from January 2021.

Prime Minister giving press briefing about Covid-19  Image: Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street / Crown Copyright

Social scientists from the School of Media and Communication produce a report on how people respond to official coronavirus guidance.

Woman on laptop with phone charging

Megan gives her account of the presentation by broadcaster, actor, poet and writer, Mim Shaikh.