Mirror editor and alumna Alison Phillips returns to Leeds to speak to journalism students

Alison came back to Leeds to talk to students as part of the Media Futures series, where students take part in a Q&A session with industry professionals.

Alison returned to campus for the first time in 30 years to speak to students as part of the Media Futures series of events in the School of Media and Communication interested in pursuing a career in journalism. 

"I think I knew from quite a young age that I wanted to be a journalist,” said Alison. “My grandfather told me that one of the most powerful words is ‘why’.  Asking that question is critical to what journalists do.”

During her time at Leeds, Alison worked for Leeds Student – now The Gryphon – which ultimately led her down the path of becoming a journalist. In 2018, she became the Mirror’s first female editor in more than a century.

Of her career path, Alison stated:

You are embarking on the best job in the world. You can be a great journalist by just asking the question ‘why?’ – and believing in your right to know. “I’ve had a very fulfilling career and have never regretted it as a career choice. And it all started here.

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