Climate change: putting women at the centre of the solutions

Women are often on the frontline of climate change, as subsistence farmers trying to feed their families and as lynchpins holding rural communities together.

It’s therefore important to understand how these women on the ground receive information about climate change and how they interact with it — they need this information in order to survive.

New insights and policy initiatives come from governments and scientists on how to mitigate the impacts of climate change, but do they reach the people who need them, and in a timely manner? And how easily can the information be put to use, alongside the knowledge they already have from the day-to-day reality of dealing with these challenges?

These are the questions that inspired a collaboration between experts in communications and gender at the University of Leeds, including Dr Chris Paterson, School of Media and Communication, and their counterparts at the University of Nairobi, funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund.

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Image: Kristin Wilson, Unsplash