Professor Bethany Klein's new book, SELLING OUT: Culture, Commerce and Popular Music, to be published next month

The release will be coupled with an online book launch via Zoom.

The relationship between popular music and consumer brands has never been so cosy. Product placement abounds in music videos, popular music provides the soundtrack to countless commercials, social media platforms offer musicians tools for perpetual promotion, and corporate-sponsored competitions lure aspiring musicians to vie for exposure. Selling Out traces the evolution of selling out debates in popular music culture and considers what might be lost when the boundary between culture and commerce is dismissed as a relic.

The virtual book launch will take place on 06 August 2020 at 16:00. Please check the Facebook page for further information and registration details.

To get you in the mood, Bethany will be contributing weekly posts to The State of the Arts - about interesting and important stories that help us understand ‘selling out’ debates. Posts will feature artists such as the Who, the Clash, Public Enemy, the Walkmen and Lady Gaga. You can also listen to Bethany’s Spotify playlist, which includes many of the artists who appear in the book.