IMS internships open for applications

The Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) offers a programme of paid internships for IMS PGR students; six positions are available, and the application deadline is 25 September 2019.

The IMS and International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) internships represent a valuable opportunity to work within the IMS while gaining related work experience. The internships are designed to be flexible and fit around student studies and other commitments. To view the full specifications for each role and the application form, please contact Joanna Phillips.

These part-time, one-year fixed term internships can be held by a UK, EU, or international postgraduate student who is beginning or continuing a full-time or part-time MA or PhD in the IMS. 

Applicants should submit the application form and a CV to Joanna Phillips by 25 September 2019

IMS Internships

Three IMS internships are available: 

  • IMS External Communications Internship. The intern will undertake practical work experience in updating the IMS website in conjuction with the Faculty Marketing team, with a particular remit for Medieval Studies OnlineTasks will include maintaining the Institute’s calendar of forthcoming events and a select list of internet resources; generating copy for the news items for the IMS website for all IMS events in conjuction with Faculty Marketing; and more. 
  • IMS Promotions and Communications Internship. The intern will undertake practical work experience in promoting the internal events of the Institute to the public and disseminating incoming communication to the faculty and students of the IMS. Tasks will include generating new content for the IMS Facebook page including creating events and postings, editing the twice-yearly IMS newsletter, and more. 
  • IMS Lectures and IMC Support Internship. This intern will work within the team that organises the International Medieval Congress (IMC). They will undertake practical work experience by assisting with the practical running of the IMS Lecture series and promoting the activities of the Institute. Tasks will include setting up the lecture space, designing and producing posters for the lecture series for the following academic year, and more. 

IMB Internships

Three IMB internships are available: 

  • IMB Editoral Assistant: Brotherton Library Journals. The intern will identify and catalogue articles on all aspects of Medieval Studies in journals received by the Brotherton Library. This involves creating a record in the IMB database, which includes accurately identifying and entering basic bibliographical data using the IMB’s standard formats; assigning appropriate classifications for discipline, geographical area and chronology; and more. 
  • IMB Editorial Assistant: Online Journals.  The intern will identify and catalogue articles on all aspects of Medieval Studies in electronic journals. These periodicals are a mix of Open Access publications, journals subscribed to by the Brotherton Library, and journals that have granted access to the IMB for the purposes of cataloguing. Tasks will include keeping an accurate record of journals checked, keeping the spreadsheet up to date, and more. 
  • IMB Editorial Assistant: Monograph Records. The intern will identify and catalogue books (monographs) on all aspects of Medieval Studies acquired by the Brotherton Library. For each relevant book, the intern will create a record in the IMB database. Books to be catalogued will not only be drawn from the (medieval) History holdings, but also Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Theology, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Linguistics. 

For more information, contact Joanna Phillips.