Registration and Late Call for Papers: International Medieval Congress 2019

Registration for IMC 2019, Europe's largest forum for sharing ideas in medieval studies, closes on Monday 13 May 2019, and late calls for papers for sessions requiring a third paper are still open.

The annual International Medieval Congress (IMC) draws medievalists from over 60 countries and includes more than 2,000 individual papers, as well as public concerts, performances, excursions, bookfairs, and more. 

IMC 2019 runs from 1-4 July. This year's special thematic strand is 'Materialities', which will address the impact of a new interest in things, theories, and methods as they relate to an expansive understanding of 'materiality'. This strand brings into conversation recent work on materialities by art historians, archaeologists, paleographers, historians, economists, musicologists, liturgists, philosophers, philologists, and scholars of literature, critical theory, and religious studies, among other fields. 

The programme is now finalised. 


Registration for IMC 2019 is open until 13 May 2019. After this date, registrations will incur a late fee. Registrations of any type will close one week before the IMC, and registering in person at the IMC will incur a £50.00 late fee. 

More information about prices for registration, meals, events and excursions, and accommodation is available on the IMC website.

Late Call for Papers

Some two-paper sessions requiring a third paper are still open. Paper proposals for these sessions must be sent via email, noting the session applied for at the top of the message. The late fee for registration will be refunded for late replacement speakers. 


Queries about IMC 2019 may be directed to: 


Phone: +44 (113) 343-3614