New Teaching Fellow in Medieval History at the University of Leeds

New Teaching Fellow in Medieval History at the University of Leeds


James Doherty begins mid-August at the University of Leeds as a Teaching Fellow in Medieval History - a warm welcome from the Institute of Medieval Studies!

Teaching Fellow in Medieval History


Dr James Doherty, the new Teaching Fellow in Medieval History at the University of Leeds, is 'eager' to be a part of the School of History and the IMS, as the IMS 'medievalists are world renowned for producing groundbreaking research'. Doherty's research focuses on 'political culture, memory, crusading and the exercise of power in the Middle Ages'. 

Before starting at Leeds this August, Doherty completed his MA in Medieval Studies at the University of Liverpool, then undertook doctoral study at Lancaster University after being awarded funding. His thesis explored 'lay initiative in the early crusading era, focusing on the phenomenon of independent crusading in the years between the First and Second Crusades'. Since completing his doctoral studies, Doherty has taught medieval history at the universities of Glasgow and Manchester Metropolitan. 

Doherty is 'excited to be joining the University of Leeds...for the forthcoming academic year'. In particular, he mentioned the 'high esteem' of the quality of teaching in the School of History, as well as the 'active' IMS. In addition, Doherty is originally from Yorkshire, and he is 'looking forward' to being back in the area.   

Academic Projects 

Doherty has been involved in multiple academic projects: 

  • Research Assistant for the Leverhulme International Network project Charlemagne: A European Icon, based at the University of Bristol
  • Forthcoming monograph about the life of Count Hugh of Champagne (c.1060-c.1130), which will 'examine the impact of the First Crusade on the comital ranks of Latin Christendom's warrior aristocracy'
  • Collaborating with colleagues at Fordham University to create the Independent Crusaders Mapping Project - a 'freely available' source to students interested in the topic of 'armed pilgrimage between the "numbered" crusades' 


Doherty can be reached by email at