Medieval Society members appreciate the sun-kissed scenery of York from Clifford’s Tower

Medieval Society members travel to the historic city of York and look out over the city from Clifford’s Tower on a particularly sunny day.

On 19th April, members of the LUU Medieval Society travelled to the historic city of York via train from Leeds to experience some of the delights that the city has to offer. This is a trip that is often taken by members of the medieval society due to the great historical value of York and its proximity to Leeds. 

York Minster

Arriving in York at 10:30am, they walked to the famous Minster, which can be seen for miles around in all directions.

With records of a church on that sight starting in the seventh century, the Minster is a large part of the long history of York itself, with the building as we know it today completed in 1472 after many centuries of construction and reconstruction.

The Minster was unfortunately closed to the public on the day society members came to York, however, so they moved on through the streets of the city to Clifford’s Tower.

Clifford’s Tower

The tower has itself nearly 1000 years of history, being originally constructed as part of a motte and bailey style castle by the Normans in 1068, first in wood and then later in stone. All that survives of the castle is the motte or keep which has withstood the tests of time, fire, and war.

Recently, the tower has added a viewing platform, allowing visitors to view the city below from the high vantage point above the castle walls.

With the weather very much in favour of our society members, the views of the city proved to be spectacular, if a little windy due to the castle’s higher elevation. 

More sights of York

After the tower, they continued exploring the streets of the city, walking along The Shambles, the famous street that inspired Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series, and passing many of York’s old, and some say haunted, buildings.

This included one of the oldest pubs in York, The Golden Fleece, built in 1503 and said to be haunted by no less than 5 ghosts. All those who attended the event said that they enjoyed their time in York and would love to experience more of the city. 

The Medieval Society at Leeds

The Medieval Society, which is run exclusively by PhD students at the University of Leeds who study the medieval period, regularly organises events that are tailored to all those from the MA, PhD, and (most recently) Undergraduate student body who have an interest in anything to do with the medieval period. This includes but is not limited to medieval history, medieval literature, art and architecture, and medievalism in all its forms.

The society is always striving to find new ways to provide engaging and socially fulfilling activities for all its members.

Future events include medieval weaponry demonstrations and trips to historical towns like Pontefract and Scarborough.
For more information about the society, go to the LUU Engage page