David Gould

David Gould


Prior to studying for the PhD, I received my BA(Hons) from the University of Brighton in 2016 studying Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics. I completed my MA in Cultural and Critical Theory at the University of Leeds in 2017. My MA dissertation, titled Out Come the Wolves: On the Need to Destroy Nature, examined the historical emergence of nature and argued for a radical reapproach to environmental activism.

I am currently an editor of the cultural studies and critical theory journal parallax. 

Research interests

My PhD project examines the history of the slaughterhouse in the west, as well as the history of the representation of animal death in english languge visual media. The two phenomena share a certain trajectory in their history. The emergence of the slaughterhouse was a product of many concurrent social, economic, and moral tensions. Mass animal slaughter in urban areas created public health problems, barriers to the expansion of the meat industry, and outrage at the ill treatment of animals. The solution to these problems, the slaughterhouse, configured death as a mere moment that was both temporally and geographically isolated. The process of dying was frozen in place and pushed out of sight. The history of the representation of animal death in cinema shares this same trajectory, i.e. a move from visibility to invisibility, and a passage from process to moment.

Outide of my PhD, the three main area of interest are environmentalism, class-struggle, and the work of Theodor Adorno. More information can be found at my website www.dmism.com


  • BA(hons) Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics (Brighton)
  • MA Cultural and Critical Theory (Leeds)