Heritage: Restaging the Political Dynamics of Commons and Publics

The Moveable Feast is a programme of cross-disciplinary lunchtime talks organised by the LHRI in association with the Cultural Institute.

Over the course of the academic year, and under the banner of a common theme, speakers will give brief, accessible research talks in a School other than their own. The theme for the fourth series is Public Space.

In this first talk in the series, Dr Helen Graham from the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies will address Heritage: Restaging the Political Dynamics of Commons and Publics.

Heritage evokes complex forms of property, ownership and access. In this talk, Helen will trace the histories of the emergence of heritage in England as ‘public’, a political imaginary wrought from the transformation of commoners rights. The talk – drawing on a recent participatory action research project  – will conclude by imagining a different staging of public logics and common rights for contemporary heritage practice and for local democracy and place-making more generally.

Venue: Turberville Foyer, School of History, 3rd floor Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds.

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