Cultural Value and The Ecology of Culture Workshop

This workshop invites PhD researchers and Early Career Researchers to explore the connections and resonances between their research sites and Professor Holden’s work.

Over the last twelve years Professor John Holden has developed specific interventions into debates concerning ‘cultural value’ through identifying the wider political logics of interaction between policy makers, practitioners and publics. Through a recently published report The Ecology of Culture, Professor Holden has extended this into thinking culture through metaphors of ecology, such as emergence, interdependence, networks, and convergence to culture.

Required reading in advance of the workshop will be:

Holden, John (2004) Capturing Cultural Value: How culture has become a tool of government policy, London, Demos

Holden, John (2006) Cultural Value and the Crisis of Legitimacy: Why culture needs a democratic mandate, London, Demos

Holden, John (2015) The Ecology of Culture, AHRC.

To express interest, contact Helen Graham,

The workshop is organised by the Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage and in association with the University of Leeds Cultural Institute’s Cultural Value Research Strand.

Location details

The venue for this event is Geography East B.01