Sacred Play Secret Place – exhibition

Sacred Play Secret Place showcases emotionally charged works that delve into themes of identity, intimacy and vulnerability.

Through the invention of poetic and enigmatic imagery in their practices, the featured artists explore their deeply personal experiences while simultaneously developing new perspectives to look at collective, even universal, pain and suffering.

Set within a highly intellectualised and institutionalised contemporary art scene, this exhibition places a strong emphasis on art as a natural, intuitive, and expressive response to our surroundings, aiming to evoke and present the genuine emotions hidden within ourselves.

The exhibition features work by students and alumni from the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.


Astrid Butt
Audrey Lung
Charlotte Cullen
Erika Pearse
Florence Young
Hou Lam Tsui
Jun Rui Lo
Raye Ye
Valentina Rodrigues
Curated by Audrey Lung and Jun Rui Lo.

Sacred Play Secret Place poster design by Audrey Lung

Poster design by Audrey Lung.

Opening times

Friday 23 February, 11am to 8pm
Saturday 24 February, 11am to 4pm

Private view: Thursday 22 February 7 to 10 pm (all welcome)


Patrick Studios
East Street Arts
St Mary’s Lane
Leeds LS9 7EH

Feature image

Design by Audrey Lung.