Duality — exhibition

Duality looks at different concepts that co-exist alongside each other, such as old and new, powerful and vulnerable, love and hate, natural and unnatural.

Duality is one of a number of exhibitions taking place on campus and across Leeds this month, as part of our Fine Art Level 2 Festival of Art.

All welcome.

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Jake Stokes
Jakes artwork looks at old techniques of painting with a modern twist.

Charlotte Hullah
Charlotte’s work reflects the ideas of love and heartbreak in past relationships.

Issy Ineson
Issy’s work looks at combining feminism and nature through exploring the concept of taking things from Mother Nature alongside the unnatural world we have built.

Mia Jones
Mia’s work explores the two sides of being labelled as a “slapper” and other derogatory names through themes of class, love and friendship.

Duality exhibition poser



Project Space
School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
University Road

Opening times

Monday 20 March: opening event from 5pm onwards, with drinks and snacks.
Tuesday 21 March, 10am to 5pm.


Still from a video by Mia Jones.