Freud and Egypt: Between Oedipus and the Sphinx

Professor Griselda Pollock is one of the speakers at this conference in London, organised by the Freud Museum.

Accompanying the Between Oedipus and the Sphinx: Freud and Egypt exhibition at the Freud Museum, this conference explores the themes of  Egyptomania, sexuality, death and psychoanalysis.

Egypt played a prominent role in Freud’s personal life and writings. From his childhood encounter with the Phillipson Bible, through his psychobiography of Leonardo da Vinci (in which the Egyptian goddess Mut becomes a key to the artist’s sexual and creative identity) to his final work Moses and Monotheism in which he makes the scandalous claim that Moses was not a Jew but an Egyptian.

Griselda Pollock, Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art and Director of the Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History at the University of Leeds, will deliver a talk entitled on Freud’s Egyptian Moses, Mummies, Mothers and other Revenants: A Political-Cultural Reading.

Other speakers include Miriam Leonard (UCL), Simon Goldhill (Cambridge), Daniel Orrells (Kings College London), Phiroze Vasunia (UCL), Claus Jurman (Birmingham), Joan Raphael Leff (Anna Freud Center) and Michael Eaton (Nottingham).

See the Freud Museum’s website for further information including how to book.


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