Space, diaspora and decolonisation

Part of the 2018-19 Sadler Seminar Series, Activist Tactics: Performing Geographies of Social Change.

Title: Translating justice: Form, genre and media in contemporary anti-racist activism

Invited speaker Dr Jason Allen-Paisant, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies (University of Leeds)
Respondent from Geography
Tshisimani members will be invited to respond to the seminar in digital format

Considering contemporary performative interventions against racial injustice, this paper is asking what the importance of form is in thinking about the effectiveness that such interventions can have? Is form considered to be as important as content in delivering a message and effecting change? With particular attention to two site-specific performances that address unresolved colonial crimes carried out by Britain and Belgium, I want to consider the connections between form, experience, and the way these interventions speak/perform in the political present.

All are welcome to attend.

Please contact Aylwyn Walsh if you need further information about this event.

Location: Seminar Room 1, LAHRI (29-31 Clarendon Place)