Dyeing, printing and finishing

This course provides a clear understanding of the whole range of textile processes available for both yarn and fabric; from the initial preparation processes through to dyeing, printing, finishing.

On this course you’ll discover answers to questions such as:

  • Why is preparation important? Which dye should be used for the job? Cost implications?
  • What fabric properties do I want? Expectations – are they achievable?
  • Will my customer's demands be satisfied?

This course will be of huge value to all those involved with textiles, fashion, retail, buying, selection and merchandising, including designers and technologists.

Course content

Day 1

• Aims, objectives and essential preparation of cotton and manmade fibres. 

- desizing - mercerising

- scouring - heat setting

- bleaching - singeing

• Application methods for preparation - batchwise - continuous and semi-continuous 

• Principles and practice of colour application 

Day 2

• Dyeing 

- dyeing of natural and manmade fibres and yarns 

- different dyes to achieve the desired shade 

- physical and behavioural properties of dye classes 

- fixing the dyes 

- problem-solving 

• Colour fastness & faults 

- what is achievable and how to do it 

- test methods 

- faults 

• Printing techniques & potential problems 
- screen - transfer

- rotary screen - digital

• Fabric finishing 

- types of finishes 

- finishing methods 


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