LOOP ― MA Fine Art Degree Show 2018

LOOP is a multisensory journey into the realms of the body, the landscape, the virtual and the tactile.

In this exhibition in our studio spaces, five artists draw on these diverse subjects to investigate ideas of materiality, connectivity and participation.

The work on show represents a wide range of practices from painting and sculpture to film and sound.

Exhibiting artists

Helen Brayshaw Pushing Back

Using handmade paper and natural pigments as a starting point, Helen draws on New Materialism theory to underpin her practice. Close engagement with the materiality of her work aims to flatten the anthropocentric relationship between human and non-human matter, creating a sustainable and fully recyclable body of work.

Email: helen.brayshaw@icloud.com
Instagram: @helen.brayshaw

Sharon Harvey — Gormire

The Hellmouth, also known as a Hell-hole or Devil-hole, is an early medieval (Anglo-Saxon) concept. Painted onto church walls and manuscripts by monks, as a warning to sinners of the damnation and torment that awaited them.

These supernatural, liminal spaces can also be found within the contemporary landscape. On the boundaries and margins of caves, marshes, forests, burial mounds and lakes, acting as a portal or gateway to the otherworld.

The black waters of Lake Gormire, North Yorkshire are steeped in dark superstition and folklore. Lens-based media is used to invoke otherworldly elements, both actual and spiritual that lie within the beautiful, yet troubled landscape.

Email: sharonharveyphotography@gmail.com

Lakhbir Sangha — Portrait of a Yogi / Reluctant Bride

Lakhbir’s large and intricately hand-knitted sculptures are made to be unmade. Anyone can pull on the yarn end and contribute towards their dismantling as the interloping stitches are undone. The works are vitalised through audience participation, to create an accompanying reconfiguration of sculptural form.

Email: lsangha@lycos.com

Connie Lo Ho Yee — In the Absence of…

Interweaving threads, forms and sound, Connie’s work responds to a sense of hollowness – emotionally travelling on an ambiguous journey, she reflects on the changes inside her body and attempts to capture and present the intangible within a space.

Email: connielo415@gmail.com

Annabelle Gralton — Self-portrait of Thatcherist as a Screen / Self-portrait of Sweetfairyk as a Screen

Annabelle’s work merges the virtual with the physical, exploring how and if one can render an authentic friendship online. She highlights how her interactions with friends are exclusively virtual, challenging the traditional artist/sitter relationship.

The physical and virtual distance between herself and her online acquaintances is illustrated by painting those she hasn’t met ‘in real life’, drawing attention to the feelings of inauthenticity due to the surrounding interface, both a distraction and a layer of ‘distance’ between herself and the sitter.

Email: hello@annabellegralton.com
Instagram: @annabellesucks

Image: Sharon Harvey, Gormire, 2018