Colour measurement

Managing and understanding colour from the design stage to the finished product can be a difficult activity, colour perception is subjective and can therefore be inconsistent.

This course provides a basic yet, comprehensive knowledge on many aspects of colour awareness, assessment and measurement. The course includes lectures, interactive sessions and practical exercises.

It will prove invaluable if you are involved with colour assessment, colour quality monitoring and evaluation, whether your role is in designing, merchandising, product development or quality control.

Course Content 

Day 1

Colour management

- colour order systems (Pantone, Munsell, NCS) 
- colour contrast - colour assimilation and brightness 

- colourfulness (chroma and saturation) 
- hue 

Colour measurement 
- using colour measurement system in the lab 

- reflectance spectra trichromacy 
- CIE system 
- meaning of XYZ - CIELAB 
- fluorescence 
- spectrophotometers/colorimeters 

Making pass/fail Decisions 
- viewing cabinets - light sources and illuminants 

- colour differences, CMC, CIE94, CIEDE2000 

- colour constancy 
- metamerism 
- colour blindness 

Colour Recipe Prediction Kubelka-Munk

Commercial systems, recipe correction, metamerism.

Whiteness and yellowness  

CIE Whiteness, an overview of whiteness and yellowness systems