Seminar ― A participatory museology

In this seminar, we invite practitioners and researchers who are currently grappling with different ways of approaching these questions to share their current work and thinking.

Questions of participation, co-production, co-creation and community development are now widely discussed in practice and in academic debates. In response, there is a need for discussion about, and the development of, approaches and methods for understanding, knowing about and researching participation.

Questions that might be considered:

  • What are the key research questions raised by participatory practice? Are the questions primarily ‘how to’ questions or are there other agendas we could usefully identify?
  • Can you know about participatory through enacting participation ― or conversely only by stepping out of this framework?
  • What is put at stake (in terms of the relationships with those you are working with) in the desire to know the ‘value’ or ‘impact’ of participation?
  • What is opened up by seeing participation contextually, whether that is framed as institutionally, systemically or within network or relational logics?

A variety of different approaches to these questions are welcomed including action, participatory and collaborative research methods as well as the historical, the critical and textual.

There will be a number of different ways of taking part.

Offer a paper: We welcome 15 minute papers sharing your response to the seminar’s questions (deadline for 250 words abstracts is 13 June).

Take part in the workshop through sharing a problem or question: We are interested in the current problems of issues both practitioners and researchers are facing. Those with a question would be asked as we kick off the workshop to introduce their question for a couple of minutes.

Take part in the discussions: Just come along and join the discussions!

All are welcome! It is free to attend but booking is essential. Please book your place here via Eventbrite.

Send abstracts to Christiane Særkjær: (250 words, deadline 13 June).

Questions: Christiane Særkjær or Helen Graham.

This seminar is organised by the Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage.

Images: pop-up museum at Randers Art Museum, Denmark; Leeds Art Gallery.