I Think We’ve Met Before – exhibition

I Think We've Met Before presents the work of ten BA Fine Art first year students from the University of Leeds.

The exhibition explores different ways of representing connection and disconnection between relationship and identity.

Each artist has approached the exhibition with their unique and personal perspectives united by a focus on memory and fragmentation. Some explored the profound connections between individuals, while others examined our relationship with the past.

Their curiosity has resulted in exploration of specific areas such as colour, storytelling, emotions, heritage, nostalgia and more – through video, sound, paint, photography and wax.


Bronwen Green
Daniel Brocklesby
Daisy Krens
Jazmine Griffin
Lily Mathews
Lola Carter
Louise Porritt
Scarlett Richardson
Shanklin MacKillop-Hall
Tia Smith


Assembly House
44 Canal Road
Leeds LS12 2PL

Opening times

Friday 10 May,  6pm -9pm
Saturday 11 May, 12pm-6pm

More information

I Think We've Met Before is one of a number exhibitions of work by our second year fine art students, taking place across Leeds this month as part of Making work and making audiences 2024.

Full exhibition programme.


Image by Scarlett Richardson.