Interlaced — exhibition

13 lucky artists come together to understand how process artists and expression artists work as one.

We feel things you see.

We experience them.

Interlaced is an exhibition by 13 fine art students at the University of Leeds that brings together our 13 different ways of interpreting our environment.

Our work is linked by the central processes of observation, experience and documentation. We are interested in sensation, grounding and the transformation of the real world through experience. Our own individualised inclinations and practice have resulted in a wide variety of media: on show will be photography, sculpture, painting, drawings and more.

Come join us to see the world through our eyes!


Angelika Kaccouris
Ameya Pisupati
Beth Rippin
Ella Davies
Fozia Qureshi
Helena John
Honor Jones
Jessica Cherrie
Kate Smith
Natalia Toffel
Sidonie Anderson
Simi Suman
Yasmeen Soliman

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Open Source Arts
Aire Place Mills
Kirkstall Road
Leeds LS3 1JL

Exhibition poster for Interlaced


More information

Interlaced is one of a number of student exhibitions taking place across Leeds this month, as part of our Fine Art Level 2 Festival of Art 2024.

Exhibitions run between 28 April and 3 May.

See the full Festival of Art 2024 exhibition programme.


Artwork in image: Natalia Toffel. Editing: Sidonie Anderson.