Milk Teeth — exhibition

Milk Teeth is a collective of contemporary artists united by our passion for sculpture, particularly in the realm of ceramics.

Our group draws its name from the evocative image of ‘milk teeth’, which symbolises the early stages of life and the process of growing up. These primary teeth are transient, marking a period of transition from infancy to childhood.

By choosing this name, we aim to explore themes of growth, change, and the passage of time in our artistic endeavours. The metaphor of milk teeth resonates deeply with our artistic exploration.

Our artwork delves into the ephemeral nature of youth and the journey towards maturity. Through our sculptures, we capture moments of transition, reflecting on the beauty and complexity inherent in the process of development.


Esme Mclean
Grace Glancy
Jessica Stevens
Megan Preston Davies 
Melissa Nesbitt 
Nate Crow Mercer
Sophie Vida Hugh

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Yoga Metta
16 Blenheim Terrace

Poster for Milk Teeth exhibition


More information

Milk Teeth is one of a number of student exhibitions taking place across Leeds this month, as part of our Fine Art Level 2 Festival of Art 2024.

Exhibitions run between 28 April and 3 May.

See the full Festival of Art 2024 exhibition programme.


Credit: Megan Preston Davis and Sophie Vida Hugh.