FOUND — exhibition

FOUND is an exhibition of immersive and collaborative art, created with the intention of facilitating inner and outer connection.

FOUND is not just an art exhibition; it's a transformative experience that aims to bridge the gap between art and everyday life. By showcasing a variety of works  such as textiles, painting, film, live collaborative art, zines, gestural drawings, installations and performance art  the exhibition creates a multi-dimensional space for exploration and connection.

One of the key objectives of FOUND is to spark dialogue and facilitate inner and outer connections. Through the exploration of themes like food, culture, childhood, community, movement and intuition, the exhibition invites visitors to reflect on their own experiences and engage in meaningful conversations with others. It's a celebration of diversity and a platform for sharing stories and perspectives. 

By choosing a community centre as the venue, we, as artists, have made a conscious effort to make art more accessible to everyone. We have intentionally moved away from the traditional gallery setting, often associated with exclusivity, and created a space that reflects everyday life. This decision not only breaks down barriers to entry but also encourages a wider range of people to engage with and appreciate art. 
The collective behind FOUND values art as an experience rather than a commodity. We aim to challenge the notion of the "white cube" and create a more inclusive and immersive environment. This approach allows visitors to interact with the artworks on a deeper level, blurring the boundaries between the observer and the art itself. It encourages active participation and invites individuals to become part of the creative process.

FOUND is not just an art exhibition but a community event that aims to connect people, spark dialogue, and make art more accessible. By embracing diversity, challenging traditional gallery norms, and exploring themes that resonate with everyday life, FOUND creates a unique and immersive experience.

Exhibition poster



Caitlín O’Doherty
María (Maz) Ellam
Alexandra Plum Keech
Charlotte Levy
Xia Hooper- Ainsworth
Lulu MacLeod
Elsa Greenland

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Woodhouse Community Centre
197 Woodhouse Street

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FOUND is one of a number of student exhibitions taking place across Leeds this month, as part of our Fine Art Level 2 Festival of Art 2024.

Exhibitions run between 28 April and 3 May.

See the full Festival of Art 2024 exhibition programme.


Poster and image Caitlín O’Doherty and Lexi Plum.