Exploring Menopause Through Collections and Collaboration

An online discussion about exploring museum collections in creative, collaborative, and socially engaged ways, with a special focus on menopause and menstruation.

Join School of English and School of History lecturer Dr Rachael Gillibrand in conversation with artist and photographer Marge Bradshaw.

They’ll be talking about their experiences of engaging with matters of menopause through artistic and historical material as a part of Marge's Arts Council England-funded project, 'Whose Menopause?'

Read more about Gillibrand’s work on ‘Stigma and Shame? Challenging Menstrual Taboo Through Time’ on the project webpage.

How to attend

Please book online to guarantee your entry to the online event.

The event will take place on the Wellcome Collection’s YouTube channel. A recording of the event will be available afterwards.

Event image

Copyright Rachael Gillibrand. The image for this event listing is a lumen print made by Rachael when she contributed to one of Marge’s workshops, working with LBGTQ+ participants on the theme of ‘Medieval Menopause and Herbal Lumens’.