Supporting creativity and creative thinking in the music classroom: towards a model of enhancing student engagement - Music Research Colloquia

A presentation by Dimitra Kokotsaki, Goldsmiths, Durham University.


There is a problem with lack of engagement in formal music education. A number of educators have argued that we need to do more to understand the reasons why many students are disengaged with music at school and put music in its proper place of being an integral part of students’ lives both in and outside of school. 

In this presentation, I will argue that setting out the foundation for creative thinking and regularly reinforcing musical creativity can be the answer to increased engagement in the music classroom.  

Through the review of the literature and practical examples, a theory of change will be proposed to illustrate the mechanisms and behaviours that characterise creative thinking and are necessary for the enhancement of engagement with musical learning.

About Dimitra Kokotsaki

Dimitra is an associate professor at the School of Education at Durham University.

She has expertise in higher education, arts and music education, creativity, student well-being, engagement and resilience. She has conducted a number of research projects which have led to numerous publications in international journals.

Her research interests include the identification and improvement of the instructional, behavioural and socio-psychological conditions in educational settings with a specific focus on creativity, engagement and attitudes to learning.

Dimitra is also interested in the connection between the arts and well-being, from a psychosocial and embodied cognition perspective.

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This event is part of the 2023-24 School of Music Research Colloquia.