Sampled: curator’s choice of the 2023 Design Degree Show

We are delighted that the inaugural exhibition in Space at Design is Sampled: curator’s choice of the 2023 Design Degree Show.

This exhibition will also feature a curator’s lunchtime talk, with Dr Judith Tucker, Monday 9th October 1.00 – 2.00 pm 

Sampled poster

It is exciting to bring together in a new iteration a sample of the work from our 2023 Degree Show, from B.A. Art and Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Graphic and Communication Design and Textile Design.

The exhibition highlights the inventiveness, interdisciplinarity and vitality of the creative practice of our students. It shows what can be achieved when thinking through making: the thought-provoking possibilities of creativity and innovation in tandem with critical, contextual, and theoretical issues.

The conversations that come into play between the works and across disciplines open up questions of the importance of art and design practices beyond the academy, for all our futures.  

Event information

Space at Design  
G 74 Clothworker’s Central  
School of Design  
University of Leeds
7th September – 15th October  
Open weekdays 9.00 am – 5.00 pm  

Student exhibitors

  • Matthew Bebbington  
  • Aimee Blake  
  • Madeline Browse  
  • Alice Chen  
  • Honor Collins  
  • Grace Cox Rawnsley  
  • Caroline Coyne  
  • Alice Cross  
  • Tanya Dare  
  • Harriet Heppner Logan  
  • Tim Huang  
  • Olivia Hughes  
  • Jasmira Husna  
  • Jaya Kudhail  
  • Kezia MacFarlane  
  • Morgan McDonald
  • Elise Miller  
  • Anna Mullin  
  • Daniel Nelson  
  • Jessica Sandiford  
  • Della Stiff  
  • Ashley Tjang  
  • Annabelle Wells  
  • Ella Westerman  
  • Lucy Wilson  
  • Edith Young