The 2nd UK-China Symposium on Translation Studies

The 2nd UK-China Symposium on Translation Studies, 15-16 Sep 2023 Organised by: School of English and Int'l Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University; Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds

Aims and scope

Translation and interpreting have played and will continue to play indispensable roles in various aspects of UK-China relations and people-to-people exchanges. In addition to the translation and interpreting activities in various forms linking bilateral relations and bridging peoples’ hearts and minds, the English/Chinese stream has been established and developed in dozens of translation and interpreting programmes in the UK and in hundreds of T&I programmes in China.

Against this background, the UK-China Symposium on Translation Studies is planned as a biannual conference co-organised by a China university and a UK university in order to promote exchanges among T&I scholars from both countries and to explore various aspects of Translation Studies and T&I education. The 1st UK-China Symposium on Translation Studies was successfully convened in the University of Leeds on 16-17 Aug 2021.

The 2nd UK-China Symposium on Translation Studies, jointly organised by Beijing Foreign Studies University and the University of Leeds, will be held in Beijing Foreign Studies University on 15-16 Sep 2023. The conference will focus on the various topics related to recent technological developments, their application and their impact on T&I education and studies, in which we hope to promote exchanges among educators and researchers in translation and interpreting studies between the two countries. All colleagues are welcome to join the conference to share their experience and ideas covering (not limited to) the following topics.


New technologies and their impact on T&I education and practice

Technology-empowered T&I studies

Interdisciplinary approaches to T&I studies

Studies on T&I education in China and UK

Studies on language-pair specificity, esp. those focusing on English/Chinese translation and interpreting

Social value and impact of T&I studies


Wei Zhang, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Binhua Wang, University of Leeds

Academic Committee

Mona Baker, Manchester University

Chonglong Gu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Shunqing Cao, Sichuan University

Kaibao Hu, Shanghai International Studies University

Libo Huang, Xi’an International Studies University

Dechao Li, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Defeng Li, University of Macau

Saihong Li, Stirling University

Rachel Lung, Lingnan University

Xuanmin Luo, Guangxi University

Lei Mu, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Jeremy Munday, University of Leeds

Hongwu Qin, Qufu Normal University

Robert Neather, Hong Kong Baptist University

Wen Ren, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Yifeng Sun, University of Macau

Binhua Wang, University of Leeds

Kefei Wang, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Callum Walker, University of Leeds

Jackie Xiu Yan, City University of Hong Kong

Yan Ying, University of Leicester

Wei Zhang, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Binghan Zheng, Durham University

Chunshen Zhu, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

Working languages: English, Chinese

Abstract submission deadline: 1 Aug 2023

Email for submission and contact: