Visiting Artist’s Talk – Yevgeniya Baras

For this week's Visiting Artist's Talk, we welcome Yevgeniya Baras.

Yevgeniya Baras is an artist working in New York who uses painting materials, oils, spray paint, acrylic, as well as materials traditionally associated with craft such as wood, cloth, yarn and papier-mâché, constructing an experience that is physical, a painting in low relief.

She often imbeds objects brought from specific meaningful locations/points in time into the work. The choice of materials matters tremendously as materials have memory, cultural, and historical implications. Paintings are dated with a range of years because it takes anywhere from one to ten years to create each piece; layering/history are part of the content of the work. She employs the painting code to address a variety of concepts including migration, movement, relocation, passage, wandering, exodus and transformation.  

She has exhibited her work at galleries including White Columns, NY; Nicelle Beauchene, NY; Reyes Finn Gallery, Detroit; Gavin Brown Enterprise, NY; Inman Gallery, Houston; Sperone Westwater Gallery, NY; Thomas Erben Gallery, NY; as well as internationally.  She is represented by the Landing Gallery in LA and Sargent’s Daughters in NY.

In 2023 Yevgeniya will open her solo show in New York at Sargent’s Daughters and in Soco Gallery, Charlotte, NC.

Yevgeniya teaches at Rhode Island School of Design.

About the Visiting Artists’ Talks series

The Visiting Artist’s Talk (VAT) series hosts talks by an exciting range of arts practitioners from around the world every Monday afternoon 2–4pm during teaching weeks.

All of our talks are compulsory for our Fine Art students but are also open to anyone else who would like to join us.

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Yevgeniya Baras, Untitled. Image courtesy the artist.