Invitations and Collaborations: exploring ethical and artistic encounters in opera

How do operatic organisations and artists work meaningfully with communities and practitioners from outside their traditions? What are the implications and challenges of such collaborative encounters?

During the events held in the first month of the Sadler Seminar Series Telling Stories: Race, ethics, and authenticity, panellists and audience members continually drew attention to ways in which operative organisational and practical processes of invitation and collaboration between communities, institutions and artists shaped creative outputs.

Nevertheless, such discussions also uncovered tensions within the collaborative process: issues of host/guest, equality and equity between partners, and the challenges of working within unfamiliar traditions. In this webinar, panellists and audience will engage more closely with these tensions to understand better the artistic and ethical underpinnings of meaningful, forward looking collaborative practices.

Speakers to include:

How to join the seminar

Please join via Zoom.

The event is free and open to anyone interested in opera, culture and society.

Please contact Luqian Zhao for further information.