An Interdisciplinary Teaching Toolkit

Are you redesigning modules and programmes as part of Curriculum Redefined? Do you already engage in interdisciplinary teaching, or would you like to get started?

This Curriculum Redefined workshop aims to support colleagues developing interdisciplinary teaching in the Faculty, engage them in a new toolkit to help plan interdisciplinary teaching, and think about how the Faculty and University can take advantage of Curriculum Redefined to creatively engage interdisciplinary teaching methods beyond the module.

Faculty academics present will include:

  • Dr Helen Finch (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies)
  • Dr Alba Cercas Curry (School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science)
  • Dr Ariana Phillips-Hutton (School of Music), Dr Inês Bento Coelho (School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies)
  • Dr Rachael Gillibrand (School of History and School of English)