The Joy of the Great British Art Attack Making World…for art students in need

Experience an art show produced by final-year BA Fine Art students at the University of Leeds.

Taking you back to the art and décor shows of the noughties, thirty students navigate their way through a timed task, using the materials given to them under a randomly-generated theme.

Think Art Attack meets Changing Rooms, with a hint of Bake Off.

What they will produce? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

We will be streaming the hour-long programme on YouTube at 19:00.

The link to the event will be made available here and on our Facebook page on the day.

Watch the event

Tune in to the event from 7pm on YouTube.

Poster to advertise a BA Fine Art student broadcast event on 8 December 2021, titled The Joy of the Great British Art Attack Making World, for art students in need



Feature image and poster by Florence Kitching.