Breaking the Binary: A participatory exhibition about non-binary identity in Leeds

Breaking the Binary has been created by Cat Lane as part of a practical dissertation to explore the diversity of non-binary identity, understanding and presentation in Leeds.

The exhibition showcases stories and opinions of the participants involved in the project, through interview video clips, photos, quotes and artwork.

“We want to show that there is no one-way of being non-binary, there are no rules!”

“We encourage you to enjoy experimenting with your identity and hope you find solidarity with our stories.”

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Further educational resources are linked along with queer friendly spaces in Leeds to explore.

About the exhibition team

Organised by Cat Lane, an MA Arts Management and Heritage Studies student at the University of Leeds who has focused their studies on intersectionality and representation.

Participants: J, Joe, Kieran, Millie, Stevey, Stevie and Ry.


Breaking the Binary participants Joe, Kieran, J, Millie and Stevie. Photography by Cat Lane.