A Response to XYZ

A Response to XYZ is a response to the challenge of exhibiting in a non-physical space, according to the world health crisis.

All currently second year BA Fine Art students from the University of Leeds, the artists have made their works in isolation. In compliance with Covid-19 restrictions, the artists could not access shared studio spaces, and as such the works were not able to inform one another during production. 

However, exhibiting in a group allows for individual practises to socialise, something the artists feel is vital. Some works may contradict each other, some may have similarities, some offering alternative perspectives and all with different themes. 

What is common here is not one single shared idea, theme or concept, but we, as artists, are all responding to XYZ.


Lily Bogdani-Miller
Astrid Butt
Aleksandra Dobrowolska
Emma Halsam
Aaron Jolley
Isabelle Morse
Aksha Mustafa
Emily Oades 

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Artwork by Isabelle Morse