Introduction to textile technology

This course will give you a wide overview of textile manufacturing, from fibres to yarns, through to dyeing, printing and finishing.

On completion of the two-day course, you’ll have a better understanding of the products you are working with be it in fabric production, garments and accessories and household textiles.

This course will take place at the Village Hotel Manchester – Hyde.

Course content 

Day 1 

• The textile manufacturing chain

• Classification and properties of fibres

- an outline of their production

• Classification of yarns

- cotton, woollen, worsted and linen production systems

- continuous filament production and texturing

• Yarn count

- linear density and twist

• Nonwoven fabrics

- classification and production systems

• Knitted fabrics

- weft knitting

- stitches, structure, production

- needles and machines

Day 2 

• Woven fabrics

- weaving systems

- construction design

- fabric construction and sett

• Colouration

- dyes

- dyeing methods

- colour fastness

• Preparation and printing systems

• Finishing techniques

- methods

- aims

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