Interactive Flamenco: Accompanying Guitar, Baile y Cante workshop

An inspiring opportunity to interact and learn from 3 masters of flamenco: David Morales, Salvador Andrades and Esperanza León.

The bailaor (flamenco dancer) David Morales, the flamenco guitarist Salvador Andrades and the cantaora (flamenco singer) Esperanza León will offer an accompanying flamenco dance, singing and guitar workshop in Leeds. This is a unique opportunity for all flamenco fans in the area to get to know the way to understanding the flamenco culture for these three Cádiz-born artists.

The workshop is aimed at students of any level of knowledge, and it will be an introduction to the art of flamenco dancing, singing and guitar — but more advanced students will have also the chance to deepen into more sophisticated aspects.

In the first hour students will have the chance to learn, depending on their preference:

  • Flamenco dance guitar accompaniment
  • Dance accompanying the flamenco guitar
  • Modes of singing, chorus learning and more.

In the second hour there will be an opportunity to share, in which students will be able to perform alongside the teachers and in which the three techniques — dance, singing and guitar playing — will come together.

Students are invited to bring their own flamenco dancing shoes or guitar to follow the workshops, although they can also attend exclusively as listeners. Of course, they can also bring a pen and paper to take note of everything David, Esperanza and Salvador will explain to them.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite.