With Bread

A performance where the history of bread meets personal histories of migration, by Leo Burtin & Co.

We are the people with whom we eat

Companion, noun.
From the Latin com-, together with & panis, bread

A performance where the History of bread meets personal histories of migration. Over the course of the show, you will be invited to make flatbreads which we will share, along with a seasonal stew, at the end of the evening. Our story traces the journey of this staple and heavily symbolic food from prehistory to Brexit Britain, via biblical times and the Arab Spring. with bread is, in turn, a poetic history lesson, an opportunity to hear voices from the margins, and a baking class. with bread is an attempt to explore what it means to share a culture, to make community and to belong in an ever changing and globalised world. with bread brings people together in a joyous celebration of diversity and difference.

Location: Stage One, stage@leeds

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