Visiting speaker programme - Paul Wilson

‘One language called Esperanto and the imaginative poetics of a due-date list’


Dr. Paul Wilson is a Lecturer and Researcher in the School of Design at the University of Leeds, UK. His research explores intersections of language, landscape, community and communication, in particular sites of situated class experience at moments or points of transition, decay or termination. Originally from the north-east of England, his background is within Graphic Design and, in particular, typography and forms of visible language in their widest sense.

In this context, typography is regarded as a translational activity which allows for the production of particular linguistic responses to place though a development of methods for textual production and explorations of the rhetoric of typographic practice. This often takes place through technological and conceptual process which seeks to produce magical narrative from experience & social history. Ideas of place create opportunities through which typographic processes and practices can be brought in to play – used to investigated relationships between language, writing and aspects of everyday life.