Limits and Possibilities of Scientific Knowledge: Three public lectures on scientific realism

In these lectures Dr Juha Saatsi explores the nature and extent of scientific knowledge in the context of a long-standing philosophical debate on ‘scientific realism’.

Three public lectures on scientific realism
1.Skepticism about scientific knowledge: history and current relevance – 20. November 2018
2.Light: does physics tell us what it is? – 27. November 2018
3.Photons: do we know how to make sense of quantum physics? – 11. December 2018

This debate concerns the question of how we can trust science as providing us knowledge about reality that is unobservable to our naked senses. The lectures provide accessible discussion of the issues that continue to animate fierce debates in the philosophy of science, drawing on both history of science and modern physics.

Audience: Free and open to all. No academic background required. Reservation not required.

Time: 18:30-19:15, with tea and coffee served 18:15.

Speaker: Dr Juha Saatsi

Dr Saatsi is Associate Professor in Philosophy of Science at University of Leeds. He currently holds a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship, and is writing a book on scientific realism.

Enquiries: Centre for History and Philosophy of Science School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science