Hosam Al-Samarraie

Hosam Al-Samarraie


I am a self-motivated researcher and an independent thinker. My research is interdisciplinary in nature as it brings together knowledge from Human-Computer Interaction, Text Mining, and Psychology into UI/UX, education, healthcare, and services– with emphasis on exploring, understanding, comparing, and predicting individuals’ use of digital technology in different situations.

I have experience in using biofeedback technology, such as eye-tracking and EEG, in various disciplines. For example, I use EEG to understand individuals' learning behaviors, interaction, cognitions, and emotions. I also use eye-tracking technology (through pupil dilation and pupil variation during saccades and fixations) to measure individuals' attention, cognition, and interaction when processing visual information or interface design elements in natural settings.

I am currently investigating various cultural and social aspects of technology utilization and their relation to user, interaction, and certain behavioral changes. My work addresses social, technological, and environmental issues in computerÔÇÉmediated environments, with a focus on businesses in high value sectors such as higher education and healthcare.

I also have a great passion and experience in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis, and scoping reviews within technology-supported environments.

I have been involved (PI and coresearcher) in several research projects related to the development of UX and online businesses, learning, and health. I am now interested in using sentiment analysis and machine learning to explore new avenues that impact people's emotions and behaviors in different contexts and situations.

I have experience in supervising Master and PhD students. I am/have been involved in teaching and running workshops for Master and undergraduate modules. This includes modules such as Statistics, Visualization, HCI, Professional Experience, and Research and Development.

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  • PhD in Philosophy 2012
  • Master in IT 2008
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