Dr Caroline Hemingray


I am Director of Admissions and Recruitment for the School of Design (UG and PGT) and Programme Leader for MA Fashion Enterprise and Society. I have a BA Hons in Textile Design, and a PhD in Colour prediction for sustainable fibre blending, both from the University of Leeds. This mixed background of design and technology is reflected in my current research interests, which includes the development of the virtual fashion industry, and the non-image-forming effects of colour and light (for example on performance and behaviour). I enjoy working with external companies, and designers, to produce industry-relevant research, and have previous experience working with companies including Unilever, Canterbury of New Zealand and Akzo Nobel.

I have 11 years teaching experience which spans foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate (MA and PhD) levels. My current teaching within the School of Design relates to fashion innovation, fashion marketing and postgraduate research.


  • Director of Admissions and Recruitment, School of Design
  • Programme Leader, MA Fashion Enterprise and Society
  • Module Leader

Research interests

My current research interests include:

  • The development of the virtual fashion industry
  • The use of colour and light in designing effective interior spaces
  • Non-image-forming effects of colour and light
  • Sustainable methods of textile colouration


Journal Articles

  • Huang M, Pan J, Wang Y, Li Y, Hu X, Li X, Xiang D, Hemingray C, Xiao K. 2022. The influences of shape, size and gloss on the perceived colour difference of 3D printed objects. Journal of the Optical Society of America A. 39(5), pp.916-926.
    Jiang, A., Yao, X., Hemingray, C., Westland, S. 2022. Young people's colour preference and the arousal level of small apartments. Color Research and Application. 47(3), pp.783-796.
    Jiang, A., Schlacht, I.L., Yao, X., Foing, B., Fang, Z., Westland, S., Hemingray, C. and Yao, W. 2022. Space Habitats Astronautics: Multi-Colour Lighting Psychology in a 7 Days Simulated Habitat. Space: Science and Technology. Article ID 9782706. [Article in Press].
  • Hemingray, C.S., Dean, L. and Westland, S. 2019. Towards the design of a blending system for precoloured fibres. Coloration Technology. 135(5), pp.407–414.
  • Hemingray, C.S. and Westland, S. 2016. A novel approach to using neural networks to predict the colour of fibre blends. Coloration Technology. 132(4), pp.297–303.

Conference Papers

  • Hemingray C, Vazirian M, Kang Z, Lyness R. 2022. Consumer Acceptance of Digital Fashion Garments: A Cross-Generational Study. Futurescan 5: Conscious Communities. Association of Fashion and Textiles Courses (FTC). 7–8 September 2022, Leeds, UK.
  • Lu S, Jiang A, Schlacht I, Foing B, Westland S, Hemingray C, Yao X, Guo Y. 2021. Effects and Challenges of Operational Lighting Illuminance in Spacecraft on Human Visual Acuity. International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, USA, 25 July 2021–29 July 2021. AHFE 2021: Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation. Springer. 270. 27 June 2021 
  • Westland, S. and Hemingray, C.S. 2018. Optimisation of Colour Fibre-Blend Systems. The Textile Institute World Conference, 2018, 23–26 July 2018, Leeds, UK.
  • Hemingray, C.S. 2014. Blending of spun-dyed viscose fibres for efficient & sustainable colouration of textiles. School of Design Postgraduate Conference & Textile Summit, 24–25 April, Leeds, UK.
  • Hemingray, C.S., Westland, S. and Taylor, J. 2013. Efficient fashion colouration using spun-dyed viscose. Man-Made Fibres Congress, 11–13 September, Dornbirn, Austria.
  • Westland, S., Hemingray, C.S. and Cheung, V. 2012. Novel neural network application for printer characterization. Interim Meeting of the International Colour Association (AIC), 22–25 September, Taipei, Taiwan, pp. 594–597. 
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  • PhD in Colour prediction for sustainable fibre blending, University of Leeds
  • BA (Hons) in Textile Design, University of Leeds

Professional memberships

  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)
  • Member of The Textile Institute
  • Member of the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Current postgraduate researchers

<h4>Postgraduate research opportunities</h4> <p>We welcome enquiries from motivated and qualified applicants from all around the world who are interested in PhD study. Our <a href="https://phd.leeds.ac.uk">research opportunities</a> allow you to search for projects and scholarships.</p>