Erin Pickles

Erin Pickles


Main responsibilities

  • Providing the administration for all LAHRI funding schemes and activities including:
    • Sadler Seminar Series
    • LAHRI Speculative lunches
    • LAHRI Short-Term post doc scheme
    • Brotherton Fellowships programme
  • Supporting Faculty events including Inaugural Lectures and the BA annual Lecture
  • Providing the administrative support for the University’s ‘Culture Theme’ in conjunction with the Culture Theme Director, Alison Fell and the Research and Innovation Development Manager Elizabeth Garcha
  • Managing all communications for the LAHRI, including the LHRI mailbox, website, the ‘For staff’ website and the monthly bulletin
  • Health and Safety co-ordinator for the LAHRI Building
  • Resource co-ordinator for the LAHRI building
  • Managing the LAHRI seminar rooms
  • Managing the HR for LAHRI visiting Scholars and LHRI short term postdocs
  • Providing inductions for all new staff
  • Managing the diary of the LAHRI Director, Alison Fell
  • Minuting the Faculty Research Ethics committee (FREC)

Contact me if you have a query relating to:

  • Room bookings for LAHRI Seminar rooms 1&2
  • LAHRI funding schemes (as listed above)
  • Meeting requests for The Director of the LAHRI
  • Issues related to the LAHRI building, facilities or equipment
  • Website (Events/Profile page/News) updates

Please note that Faculty International Conference Fund and Faculty Leave queries should be directed to Trudy Green (



  • Management of LAHRI (Funding schemes, Events, Communications, Building, Visiting Researchers)
  • Providing administrative support to the University's Culture Theme
  • Providing Research Support to all academics accross the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures