Research Seminar: ‘Fashion as Creative Economy? Gender, Livelihoods and Location’

The lecture explores three elements key to understanding the dynamics of independent fashion design as urban creative economy.

This lecture drawing on recent AHRC funded research will present three elements from the investigations in London, Berlin and Milan. First the prevailing political economies of fashion design and training institutions in each location and how that shapes the possibilities for creative practice: second the concepts that proved to be  durable for the analysis and third a more close up look at the informants' engagement with the research and their self-reflexive narratives as creative professionals.

Please contact before 12pm on Wednesday 15th May to request an invitation.

Angela McRobbie is Fellow of the British Academy and Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths University of London. Her most recent books are Feminism and Resilience 2020, Fashion as Creative Economy (with Daniel Strutt and Carolina Bandinelli) 2022, Ulrike Ottinger: Film, Art and the Ethnographic Imagination 2024 and feminism, Young Women and Cultural Studies 2024.