Summer Festival 2023: Sofia Livotov, Satriya Krisna, and Prajna Indrawati

Connected by their love of art songs, the Leeds based opera singers – soprano Sofia Livotov and tenor Satriya Krisna together with pianist Prajna Indrawati began their collaboration in 2018.

As some of the few artists currently performing and recording Indonesian classical music in Europe, the three musicians strive to bring this lesser-known genre to a wider audience. Their recent performances of Indonesian art songs include appearances at Oxford Lieder Festival as well as at various concert venues in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Salzburg and Jakarta. Furthermore, songs from their short album ‘Sounds of Indonesia’ – which the musicians recorded during lockdown – were broadcast on German radio SWR2, Radio Klassik Stephansdom and Canadian radio CKIA FM.

Indonesian art songs, also known as “Seriosa,” have yet to gain recognition in the Western Classical Music scene. Nevertheless, their history is both fascinating and inspiring. Seriosa emerged in the 20th century, introduced by a small group of European-educated musicians, and played a pivotal role in inspiring Indonesian fighters during the National Resurgence movement. As an expression of freedom, these songs reflect the voice of a new generation, recounting stories of leadership, victory, Indonesian nature, mythology, and the struggles of a country that endured three and a half centuries of colonisation.

  • Sofia Livotov (soprano)
  • Satriya Krisna (tenor)
  • Prajna Indrawati (piano)


  • Djauhari – Bukit Kemenangan
  • Mochtar Embut – Srikandi
  • Claude Debussy – Apparition
  • F. X. Soetopo – Puisi Rumah Bambu
  • Benjamin Britten – The Little Old Table
  • Benjamin Britten – The Choirmaster’s Burial
  • Jaya Suprana – Fragment for Piano Solo
  • Trisutji Kamal – Pantun
  • Trisutji Kamal – Bunda
  • Paul Seelig – Sinom
  • Mochtar Embut – Setitik Embun
  • Leopold Godowsky – Java Suite for Piano Solo
  • Henk Badings – I Love You Much
  • Iskandar and M. Embut – Kisah Mawar di Malam Hari
  • Ismail Marzuki – Wanita
  • Sjafii Embut – Malam Indah

Please note that doors will open from 12.30pm. Book your ticket.

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