Africa-Centred Knowledges?

Introduction session of the seminar series "African Knowledges for Global Challenges".

This is the first session of the Sadler Seminar Series “African Knowledges for Global Challenges”, supported by the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute with the Leeds University Centre for African Studies. The series is convened by Professor Adriaan van Klinken, with Dr Brendon Nicholls, Dr Lisa Thorley, and Dr Abel Ugba

This first session focuses on an introduction of the key themes of the series, and a discussion of a relevant key academic text: Brenda Cooper and Robert Morrell, ‘The Possibility of Africa-centred Knowledges’, in Brenda Cooper & Robert Morrell (eds), Africa Centred-Knowledges: Crossing Fields and Worlds (Suffolk: James Currey 2014), 1-22.

The seminar is open to postgraduate students and academic staff from the University of Leeds and beyond, who have an interest in the topic. Participants are encouraged to attend all seminars in the series, in order to enable an ongoing conversation. 

The seminar is hosted online, on Microsoft Teams. 

If you would like to participate and receive the link to the meeting and a copy of the text, please contact Ms Sarah Ashbridge (LUCAS).