Sarah Lahm


My BA and MA degrees are in American Studies, which I obtained at the University of Graz, Austria. My MA thesis explored postfeminist paradoxes in HBO’s Girls, and my research has had feminist theory and criticism at its core ever since. 

Research interests

My research aims to contribute to feminist television criticism. I am interested in exploring questions of complex TV and seriality, as well as questions of feminist resistance, resilience, and care in serial narratives.

My current work analyses neoliberal feminism as a subject from a socialist/Marxist feminist perspective and explores feminism's entanglement with contemporary complex and 'quality' TV in the US, especially the half-hour comedy-drama. Intriguing programmes that exemplify the contradictions and complexities of feminist discourse's current junctures are, for example, Russian Doll (Netflix, 2019–present), Undone (Amazon Prime, 2019–present), and Search Party (TBS/HBO Max, 2016–2022).