Tongzhou Ran


I have been a postgraduate researcher at the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds, since 2020. I also held the role of a teaching assistant in several modules, including “Power, Politics, and Media”, “Introduction to Media and Communication”, and “The Reporting of Politics”.

Research interests

My PhD project centers on the representation of the West in Chinese state media. I presented a portion of this project at the 2023 IAMCR conference as a conference paper. My research interests encompass nationalism, Chinese politics and journalism, as well as postcolonialism in China.

My publications include:

Zeng, Y. and Ran, T. 2023. Oscillating between ‘speech freedom’ and ‘national interests’ - the contested boundaries of online Freedom of Expression in China. In: J. Steel and J. Petley, eds. The Routledge Companion to Freedom of Expression and Censorship. London: Routledge. (E-book to be published in December 2023)

Ran, T. and Liu, Z. 2023. ‘The Russia-Ukraine War’ or ‘The US-Russia War’? Thematic analysis of Global Times ’ coverage of the Russia-Ukraine War. Media Asia. pp.1–30.

Ran, T. 2023. Book Review: for Reporting China on the Rise: Habitus and Prisms of China Correspondents. Global Media and China.

Ran, T. 2020. Two Stories, One Narrative A Narrative Analysis of the Coverage of Venezuela Crisis in CNN and China Daily. International Journal of Media, Journalism and Mass Communications. 6(1), pp.39-43.


  • MA International Communication
  • BA English (Culture and Communication)