NaSTA 2022 award winners announced

On the 2nd of April 2022, the National Student Television Association, (NaSTA) held its annual awards show at the University of York.

Our student TV society, Leeds Student Television (LSTV), which is made up of University of Leeds students and run by members of the Leeds University Union, submitted entries for every single category of the 21 awards on offer this year despite Covid-19 related constraints.

Normally, participating organisations have a year of content to select from but on this occasion they only had six months, due to lockdown restrictions, from August 2021 to February 2022.

They have had one of their best award results yet, following on from great success at the November awards (heavily delayed due to Covid) where LSTV won Best Broadcaster in Manchester.

Here is the list of our students that have won awards this year:


  • 24 Hours with IBD, Documentary & Factual - Produced by Matty Fisher, featuring Becca Morrison, Ella Jade Hewes
  • Alex Buckmaster, On-Screen Talent
  • Click & Connect, Mars El-Brogy Award - Produced by Siobhan Dale, Erin Robinson, Ethan Bishop and Daisy Donnelly
  • Flowless, Cinematography - Helen Chaykovskaya
  • Get Your Cook Out, Post-Production - Will Nixon
  • Live at Leeds 2021, Event Coverage - Rishi Shah, Maddi Fearn, Dan Phillips
  • L'Ame Du Poete, Drama - Pablo John-Nguyen, Daria Dudu


  • Additive Manufacturing, Technical Innovation - Dan Phillips
  • Growing Together, Tim Marshall Award - Dan Phillips


  • Pablo John-Nguyen, Dramatic Performance
  • Rishi Shah, Production Talent
  • LSTV Live: Children in Need (with LSR), Directing - Alex Buckmaster, Dan Phillips, Sophie Arundel

LSTV are now focused on the next awards, taking place April 2023, which will be the 50th edition of the awards – they aim to continue the trend of being one of the most decorated student TV stations in the country.

A huge congratulations to all the winners at this year's NaSTA Awards!