Professor Chris Anderson launches new co-authored book: The Journalism Manifesto

Professor Chris Anderson of Media and Communication and Director of Postgraduate Research has co-authored a new book.

Professor Chris Anderson has published a book entitled The Journalism Manifesto (Polity Press, 2021), co-authored with Barbie Zelizer and Pablo Boczkowski.

‘Focusing on the relevance of elites, norms and audiences, Zelizer, Boczkowski and Anderson reveal how these previously integral components of journalism have become outdated: Elites, the sources from which journalists draw much of their information and around whom they orient their coverage, have become dysfunctional; The relevance of norms, the cues by which journalists do newswork, has eroded so fundamentally that journalists are repeatedly entrenching themselves as negligible and out of sync; and because audiences have shattered beyond recognition, the correspondence between what journalists think of as news and what audiences care about can no longer be assumed.’ 

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