Music for Girls Online Symposium

The first event of the AHRC Network ‘Music for Girls: Women’s Knowledge Cultures of Popular Music’ will take place online on Wednesday, 18 May from 14.30 - 17.00.

The network aims to experiment with and explore alternative ways of ‘knowing’ about music and alternative ways of articulating knowledge about music, focusing especially on the experiences of women and girls.

For the online symposium, our speakers will discuss relevant research projects, past and present, and consider linked questions.

Prof. Lucy Robinson (Sussex): ‘If Girls Like It, It Must Be Shit: Remembering Bananarama’
Dr Lisa Amanda Palmer (De Montfort): ‘“Black Skin Boys are Better”: Black Girl Love and Desire in 1970s Lovers Rock Reggae Music’ 
Dr Richard Elliott (Newcastle): ‘Songs, Objects and Life Writing’
Prof. David Hesmondhalgh (Leeds): ‘Gender Inequality and “Bias” in the Age of Music Recommendation Algorithms’
Talks will be followed by an open session, during which attendees can ask questions, but also share their own interests, highlight works in progress, and make connections with other researchers.
Please join PI Dr Mimi Haddon (Sussex) and Co-I Prof. Bethany Klein (Leeds) to bring this network to life.