Media Futures: The Unsung Jobs of the Film Industry and What They Offer

This weeks Media Futures talk reveals the various jobs you can have in the film industry.

By simply saying yes to the first opportunity offered to me, I was lucky enough to land a great job in the film industry that offered what I was looking for in a profession. I hope to impress that film is more accessible than you think. With a wealth of great job opportunities, which could be a foot in the door or a career you hadn’t yet considered, I will focus on Video and DIT roles, sharing what they gave me and suggesting what it could offer you, including information about a year-long internship opportunity at CineArk, a leading rental house and solutions company working on the biggest production in the UK.

Alex McCormack graduated with a degree in Moving Image and Production in 2007, straight into the recession of 2008, where film jobs were hard to come by. Instead, he found work in the festival industry, as a Glamping Operations Manager, building and running glamping sites with upwards of 8,000 guests. Through this work, 9 years after graduating, he finally got an offer of work as a DIT Assistant. Not knowing what it was he took it regardless, working hard in many different job roles on projects like MorbiusStar WarsOld GuardJames Bond etc… before being part of a team that created a brand-new department in reaction to the changes that came from the pandemic.

The location for this event is TBC.